It's Time For You to ACT with

The votes are in and the country chose three BIG IDEAS of young people to change the face of Hunger & Poverty, Health & Wellness, and Education & Literacy. Now it's time to come together and ACT.

If everyone gives just one bag of food, one ball, or one dream box, our IMPACT together will be massive!

Education & Literacy

Dream Boxes are boxes filled with new and gently used school supplies, books, a Dream Journal and a personalized letter of encouragement. Patricia’s BIG IDEA is that all kids can go to school with supplies and the encouragement they need to follow their dreams.

boxes donated
of 100,000 Goal
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Health & Wellness

Millions of children have nothing to play with. Kids need to be kids. Studies show that physical activity is linked with improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, confidence, character, and fewer behavioral problems. Wesley Boone’s BIG IDEA is to collect new and used athletic equipment for children who have none.

pieces of sports gear donated
of 500,000 Goal
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Hunger & Poverty

1 in 5 children in America is hungry. Brittany’s BIG IDEA, The Future Isn’t Hungry, is to pack bags with nutritious shelf-stable foods and provide recipes for healthy meals.

bags donated
of 250,000 Goal
Act Now

How to Act

Sign up HERE. Work on your own or as a team. Make sure to tell us your IMPACT as it happens. We will add it up- and you action will be part of a nationwide movement for change. We will add up the impact of the entire country through December 2015.

Together, change will happen - one meal, one ball, or one dream at a time.

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