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Submitted by: Emma Stumpf
How to Activate "Emma's Art Kits"

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor at a young age, Emma Stumpf went through 70 weeks of chemotherapy, 6 weeks of radiation, and over a dozen brain surgeries. During that time, she turned to art to help express her feelings. She used yellow paint when she was happy, blue paint when she was sad, and clay when she felt angry. That experience inspired Emma to start this project when she was 7 years old. With LEAD360, we can help Emma achieve her dream of giving art supplies to every kid who’s going through a hard time and needs to express themselves.

Our goal is to collect and donate kits of 3 art supplies to kids across the country! Each kit has a value of approximately $9.


Step 1: Collect 3 art supplies
Step 2: Write an encouraging note
Step 3: Package it all together
Step 4: Identify a site in your community that needs art supplies and donate!
Step 5: Log your impact at lead360.jeffersonawards.org
Bonus Step: Share pictures of your activation on social media using #LEAD360

Download the Emma's Art Kit Notecard
Download the Emma's Art Kit Sticker for Avery 60504/60524
Download the Emma's Art Kit Sticker for Avery 5264
Hospital Safe Packaging
Sample Art Kit

Places to Donate


*If donating to a hospital:
-No corrugated boxes for packaging
-Child scissors only
-Water based materials preferred

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