Buckets of Love

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Submitted by: Reagan and Payton Garnsey
How to Activate "Buckets of Love"

Across the country, millions of children are facing difficult challenges. From the 6 million who are admitted to hospitals each year to the 1.7 million who experience homelessness, there are children in need in every corner of our country.

Reagan and Payton, two sisters from Dover, Delaware, are on a mission to comfort those facing hard times with Buckets of Love. Help them bring joy by donating items that inspire youth to have fun and use their imagination.

Our goal is to collect and donate Buckets of Love to kids across the country! The cost of each Bucket varies depending on the items included.


Step 1: Identify a site in your community to donate the buckets. Ask which items they will accept. 
Step 2: Collect nut-free snack items, art supplies, toys, and games, and/or stuffed animals. 
Step 3: Write an encouraging note
Step 4: Package it all together in a bucket.
Step 5: Log your impact at lead360.jeffersonawards.org 
Bonus Step: Share pictures of your activation on social media using #LEAD360

Find inexpensive buckets here
Download the Buckets of Love Notecard
Buckets of Love Notecards for Printing
Download the Buckets of Love Label
Buckets of Love Labels for Printing

Places to Donate

Your local hospital
Community Centers

*If donating to a hospital:
-No corrugated boxes for packaging
-Child scissors only
-Water-based materials preferred

How You Can Get Involved

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