Ideas focused on physical/mental health, nutrition, healthy living, veteran care, and the environment

Ideas focused on food, clothing, and housing

Ideas focused on anti-bullying, promoting peaceful and inclusive behavior, and providing education and services around equal opportunities

LEAD360 is the platform for simple, fun, scalable services designed to offer accessible projects and to measure and celebrate impact

lead360starts by collecting BIG ideas from young people for social change. We ask kids what they care about and how they would fix it. We then take the three best ideas, break them down into easy to do and replicable projects and make them available to anyone to activate. As we activate, we also identify individuals and organizations already active ineach project area to aggregate and celebrate their impact.

Idea submissions are open to ages 5-25.

The 2016 ideas contest submission is now closed. To submit your BIG IDEA for the 2017 contest, please click "Submit Your Idea" at the bottom of the page.


lead360 is a two-phase challenge.

  • PHASE 1:
    SERVICE IDEAS FROM YOUNG PEOPLE through January 2016
    Ages 5-25

      JAF solicits bold, innovative ideas from youth (25 and under), focusing on issue areas that align with the Sustainable Development Goals. We define a great idea as simple, appealing, tangible, measurable and scalable. Youth can submit existing service projects or new ideas. Through a process of regional, national and online voting, three ideas are chosen for activation and also win a Jefferson Award.

  • Areas of Care

  • PHASE 2:
    IN SERVICE & MEASURE IMPACT March 2016–December 2016
    All Ages

    1) We make service easy, accessible and affordable. A top barrier to doing service is not knowing where to start. LEAD360 eliminates that barrier, providing three simple service projects. Projects must be something anyone can do.

    2) We demonstrate that the power of many is greater than the power of one. LEAD360 measures impact- small and large, new and already being done. We are fostering a new narrative that change is possible and happening. Through measurement, we show that doing something matters and doing it together has greater impact.

  • All ideas are welcome, both those already activated and new, innovative ideas for meaningful change. Regional, national and online voting determines which three visionary ideas will be powered by the Jefferson Awards Foundation for national impact.


We celebrate great ideas and acts of service. JAF's founding principle is Celebration is Inspiration - that telling great stories inspires those who do to do more and others to act. LEAD360 celebrates the ideas of young people and the acts of individuals and organizations all over the country who make change happen.

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